As we sail full steam ahead into the lovely warm days of summer, we may be tempted to try and locate the old paddling pool from the back of the shed, or even consider upgrading to a fancy new pop up back garden pool. (A great investment to keep the little, and older!, ones entertained this summer). 


Your mind may even turn to the swimming lessons now in limbo. Until the pools throw open their doors once more, we can still look forward to the more fun aspect of swimming...Splashing water everywhere! Getting familiar with water at a very early age, helps develop the confidence for swimming as your child grows. 

We are proud to say our Konfidence products have been used in back gardens since our launch in 1998. Check out our old school photo! 

There are some great back garden swimming pools out there now, compared to back then...so much more choice than when we were kids. Some of them are a great size to carry on the much needed life skills of swimming lessons - back garden style! Whatever pool you may choose you will notice how cold the water can be. Keeping warm in any pool can be a challenge, especially one without a heater. Our BabyWarmas, Warma Wetsuits and Jackets are all made from neoprene (the same stuff as adult wetsuits) helping to keep your baby, toddler or child from getting cold. Which means longer pool and longer fun!

Whatever size or type of back garden pool you might choose Konfidence has a great range of products to fit your needs. From the Babywarma and Nappy Cover to help keep your baby warm splashing around in the paddling pool, to buoyancy Jackets to keep your child afloat in the deeper pools. All of which have the added bonus of being 50+ UV resistant on all covered areas, for when that sun does finally shine!

Getting familiar with water at a very early age, helps develop the confidence for swimming as your child grows. So if you have a baby or toddler and are worried about missing out on swimming lessons this summer, don't worry. Having fun in the water is what is most important right now. Teach them to splash and kick, laugh and play. Soak mum and dad, grandparent or carer, and especially soak siblings!

Take care this summer, stay safe, but don't forget to have fun. ❤


The Konfidence Team. 

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