23.08.2017 10:20

Being stuck at home with children can be challenging at the best of times, even more so now there is no where to go. As the weather gets warmer, the sun deciding to stay out longer, it is important we spend as much time as we can in the outdoors in the lovely sunshine (safely of course!). The sun has many benefits, including lifting our moods and making us feel happier. Something we all can do with a big dose of right now, but it is important to stay safe in the sun. With the right UV protection, you and your little ones can stay out longer, having fun and getting these big dose of happiness and whilst making some lovely memories together.


Konfidence offers a wide range of products to suit both Children and Adults. With the highest rating of 50+ UV Protection on all covered areas, they are ideal for splashing around in the paddling pool, watering plants (and the grass!) or soaking an adult with a garden hose. There are many fun products out there already, some of which you may already own. From the famous slip and slide, to a water table full of toys and a paddling pool where your little one can water the WHOLE garden in one go, making sure you have the right UV sun protection can make all the difference to the amount of fun you can have. 

Check out our full range of stylish UV products by clicking here.

Whether you have a garden, balcony, or a patio, making the most of the sunshine while you can is a great British tradition.  

Just remember to apply the highest UV rated sunscreen to any uncovered areas and to take a break from the mid day sun. 

Have Fun In The Sun! 

Katie Church

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